Christine Höllrigl


 Registration deadline for all seminars and evenings is at the latest 4 days before the start!.

-Payment at course start (unless otherwise stated)

Who wants to can bring comfortable clothes, blankets and socks for / to all events!

Program modifications and misprints are subject to change!


Important note:
For all short-term cancellation (the same evening), the total payment for the evening must be paid. In case of late cancellation for registered seminars 20% from the total amount must be paid. For organisational reasons, this is unfortunately necessary. All interested women, men and youth are very welcome!

I am looking forward to meeting you!


Celebrations in ordinary time
Earthhealings always take place in smaller or larger groups.
Mostly outdoors and sometimes indoors. It is the appreciation of our mother earth, to the nature beings and also to ourselves, because we are the earth and the earth is we.

The healing circles take place on a small scale with a maximum of 4 people! I want to understand and assist people as best as I can.



Christine Höllrigl - Pranatherapist - Jaufenstreet. 16 - I - 39010 Kuens near Meran - MwStNr / Part.IVA: 02332450218
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