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Earth healing

_DSF0833 The earth is a living organism, a living being and she has a soul like we humans do. She consists of the same energy- and body system as we do, including organs, chakras and meridians, also known as ley lines. The earth healing activates the self healing powers of nature, harmonizes imbalances, blockages are released and brought back into flow. This is done by energetic cleaning through transformation or through liberation of energy, and through conscious power steering.

The Earth Mother

called me and so I entered into her kingdom. I slid down into the depths of the earth into the solar core, there is her seat and there she was waiting for me. She is familiar to me and known as the womb of the earth, I know her well and already so many times I’ve come to see her, yet I was unaware that she is the ‘Earth-mother’ the counterpart of the ‘Divine Mother’ of the universe. She informed me that due to the very great changes that have taken place, the time has come as well to change energy work with, in and on the Earth. At present we are all prompted to ask ourselves sincerity, because even if something is shown to us, we are not always entitled to act upon that. We have now outgrown infancy and we have developed ourselves into cosmic human beings and therefore carry absolute responsibility for what we do. The Earth-mother is still very patient and allows us to experiment and play, but if we are not really in the orientation of clarity we will not have effect anymore, so she said to me. Right now the Light Warriors are called forth, who truly know, instead of believing to know the darkness, its systems, its levels and worlds, that aren’t afraid and who shall not be let astray. The challenge now is that really something happens, that certain energies are destroyed in their core structure in order for the new to come into existence. For this to happen, the knowledge of the structures and the corresponding tools are required.

She has shown me, that our very own healed self is able to provide to the earth’s healed level this element of healed self. She has shown me that from now onwards, the healing of ourselves, is what adds and flows directly into the healing of the earth.

This dimension has always existed, is still and always will be, and should be recognized again and reconnected to the universe and this process always takes place through human beings. Here man is translator, channel or ambassador of these energies. This means first of all that we should be prepared to face ourselves with our true selves, with us being humans, our own themes, our learning tasks, purposes and in this way with our life on earth. Because if we do not first of all act on behalf of ourselves, everything we do is without truth or authenticity and thus has little or no effect. Of course we all know that it is much easier to divert our attention to curing and healing others than to work on our own issues. Daring to look, becoming aware and being prepared to act for our own selves. This implies being honest with ourselves and as a result of that revealing to others our true inner being as well as our truth, also when this does not always agree with how we would like to present ourselves to the world. This however is essential if we really want to make a difference, because otherwise nothing changes. The challenge now is that we feel our own inner fire again, for than we can also feel the fire of the earth. If we become silent, we can hear the earth mother again and perceive, and understand where our way of assistance is welcome without searching for it.



The moor as an expression of the primordial earth mother.

Today on the 11-11-2015 the moor speaks to me, now it has finally broken out, I am the speech tube of the anger of the moor, which once was where Meran now stands. 

It is an initiation without knowing what happens…..

A hole, a muddy hole, damp, dirty, abyssed. ¨What do they all want from me, these hypocritical beasts. I crush them and I devour them, I hate hypocrisy, it hurts. You do not see the true beauty of the Black Mother, who came to earth in her purity to be a mother. You false riffraff, you serpents. Yes, I am pregnant with my child!! This will now be re-born. It is my child, not your child.

You believe you can take everything from the foundation of all being and cover everything with appearance, yes, so you believe.

I have allowed you to gain experience and what have you learned? Nothing!! You hypocritical beasts!

Now my heritage is being born, the true heritage, the truth, the nakedness. This is a warrior city, the light warriors are my daughters, you hypocrites, unworthy beings. Fake rascals. You just don´t look at where the dirt lies. You deny your origin, the dark womb from which you came. The real true heroes are my daughters, who do not deny me, and who sense the truth, who are courageous enough to be what they are. You keep covering yourselves under the mantle of hypocrisy. Insane you have declared them, all those who are brave, who are genuine, who lived and loved femininity. You pretend to be stupid to avoid responsibility. Misused you have all of my powers as well as your own to keep up the hypocrisy.

But today we are blasting everything that is not in the line of truth with the primordial mother of all beings. It is the moor that cries and the wise-black clad women, that stood on the hills looking at the moor and honored it. They had never and would never have lived in the moor, built there, laid it dry or withdraw the existence from the earth mother. When the men came to power, they began to lay the moor dry. To dry out primordial femininity.´ And the women admired the men for their strong deeds, and they still do so today. And they still exist, these guardians of hypocrisy.´

* This means that the fiminine energies are letting the male energies have their way- it is about energies and not about man or woman.


The completion on 16.12.2015  

The moor asked me to kindle a fire, so that forgiveness is and all are free. And so the fire was kindled inside the earth of the moor, and it was a very large round fire. The wise women of that time were the shepherds of the flames, and the men were called into the circle. The fire burned all night until the morning, and all that time the energies worked. The men gave back to the moor her life elixer and Archangel Michael came to separate all the no longer needed connections, then all was good and now peace finally is. 


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