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Medial Education
The training facilitates the posibility to establish a clear connection to spiritual levels, to become a channel for the messages and energies from the spirit world. Each participant will gain access to their own abilities and their own way of perceiving, thereby making everything clearer, more orderly and more targeted. The participants learn the responsible handling of energies, their own abilities and tasks. They learn what type of channel/ medium they are. This brings lightness in expressing one´s own being. It is a wonderful and very loving feeling to have a light being working through the channel, because the spirit world is always loving, patient and understanding. Which makes it possible to experience a comprehensive view of things and understand relationships of life in the broadest sense.
A medium is not an assistant or a healer, but an effect. A medium is mediator between the diffrent worlds, between the universe and the earth, between the spirit world and the human. Being a medium is a path of surrender, and it is wonderful to be deeply connected to one´s soul and the being in contact with the spirit world.


The schooling includes the training of perception, cleansing of all bodies, the clearing and transformation of past lives, recognizing patterns, occupy and expand one´s own space, awareness training, medial channel, healing circles, earthhealing, contact with the deceased, recognize the levels of illusion and shamanic travels.

The education lasts 6-7 weekends!


Channel evening
On these evenings, participants may ask questions about personal and general issues, which will be answered by me as the medium of the ‘spirit world of light’ (angels, masters, nature-, and star beings) with lots of love and patience. Channeling means ‘to receive messages through a channel or via a medium’. Angels, dragons, fairies elves, dwarves, the masters and many more beings of light are pleased with the renewed contact with people and answer their questions with much joy, patience and wisdom.


Chakrameditation with movement and dance
The respective Chakra will be explored as a space, the perception of the senses brought in motion and expressed in the dance.


Shamanism is as ancient as our world and it is the most natural form of healing. Shamanism is the vibration of the human being in harmony with mother earth and the elements. It is the traditional knowledge of nature’s healing powers, where the human being is seen as an equal part of the whole. Shamanism is a guide, a transformer, a catalyst, a transformer of energy. Shamanic journeys give the chance to travel inside various worlds, hidden to the daily consciousness, in order to discover answers and visions there. It strengthens our confidence into our own awareness.


Shamanic Ancestry healing circle
Together with our ancesters we bring issues into the cosmic order that have been passed down from generation to generation and still show their effects on our daily lives.


Shamanic, spiritual circle
We meet in a circle to meditate, to travel shamanistically, to encounter our ancestors and power animals, the nature beings; but also our spiritual guides as well as angels and ascended masters and, of course, ourselves. This circle is a space for exchange, mutual support and easiness. Both showing and/or hiding yourself is permitted. Open to all who wish to gain insight into the spiritual and the shamanistic, equally open to everyone already experienced; it may be a colourful and lively exchange. The ‘old’ ways may be tested and the ‘new’ can be created.


Dervishdance – Workshop of 2 – 8 hours

The Workshop creates a space for the participants, to meet their emotions free of judgment,
to experiment with speed, tension and directions, to recognize and transforme the patterns
of behaviour and to cross their own borders. The whirling causes constantly change for the mind.


In the theoretical part the participants receive the information to know the „software“ of spinning.
It will be done a warm up with transition into the dance


Individual lessions possible!


Healing circles
Through meditation a connection is made to Atlantis and to the temple of healing, in which the mineral springs of the divine Mother are. Via different methods the energetic body is brought into balance, so that it is able to activate its self healing properties and to start his /her personal path of healing. The different methods are the support of one’s own life energy, the harmonization of subtle energy systems in the body, (5 element cycle, chakras, meridians and Nadis) solving of parental and ancestors karma resolving birth trauma, and the dissolving of shadows in the body that lead to anxiety. Central in healing circles are contact, activation, letting go and awareness.


The different areas are:
The birth point, the brain waves, the kidney chi, the water balance, the astral- emotional- and causal body, the brain midline, the spine, meridians, the 5 elements in relation to the brain waves and the body functions, chakra’s, the aura rings, the brain rhythm central office and karma detachment.

The healing circles take place in a small in a small setting with a maximum of 4 people. In quiry!


All seminars, workshops and evenings can be booked, with a minimum number of participants of 8 persons and an available translator.


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