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For almost twenty years now I have worked as a so called ambassador of the spirit world, giving individual sessions and seminars. It has been a great enrichment to my daily life and I am very grateful for all the encounters of recent years. I was allowed to immerse in worlds that are indescribable, sometimes I wish I could print out all the images that I see. Just like all people, I am constantly involved in growth and change processes that are not always easy. I am fully aware that this planet earth purely serves learning purposes and thus I can finally accept and devote myself with serenity to my chosen learning tasks. I have become much more courageous and have a great willingness to take my hurdles. As a result of this I have become strong, have become more authentic and I feel more and more the need to express my truth freely. It is quite wonderful to be myself, in every moment, no matter how; sometimes angry, sometimes shy, sometimes clear and honest and almost never again sociably sweet and nice. I do not like this spiritual esoteric scene where all are just happy and full of love, because it’s not my truth and this is not how life is. We are after all spiritual beings that come to planet earth in order to experience being human and to that process belong all experiences without judgment. I want to understand people and assist as good as I can and at times I can be very strict, if that feels necessary to me. This is especially the case when I’m teaching, though I perceive strictness similar to clarity. Providing clarity is my personal duty as a channel and due to that, clarity has grown more and more within me. This has made itself obvious via connections to Atlantis and through the ‘white angel of light from the planes of Uranus’ that is in contact with me. This being, is the guide of the crystalline Ray of clarity and truth, is usually the one that speaks to people that come for a channel session. I communicate with many entities and every now and then new star beings come in the clearings to visit and guide me through the energies. Recently I have started my shamanic path which occasionally leads me to the deepest depths; I had or was allowed to die in order to be born again. This road leads me into situations where I have to make very clear decisions, as a result of which I am given the opportunity to become fully aware of my own power of creation.



Sedna my soul name


I am Sedna, the queen of snakes,
the one that brings femininity to the earth,
who fills life with femininity and heals femininity.

I am the one who was born to be feminine,
to be one, to be one that I am.
And I am the snake.

Sedna is the mother who initiates
her daughters into the mysteries of life and transitions.
She accompanies them over the threshold and than lets go,
because she has faith in life, she is initiated into the mysteries of life.

Sedna leads women into their purest state of being,
into true and bare beauty.
She knows the secrets of dance and singin,
for she has since eternity danced and sung for women.



The birth of my name

My soul name was born out of a very intense, wonderful and deep shamanic ritual. I was permitted to burn the old with a fire that simultaneously served to create the new, while boiling and stirring in the kettle that hung over the flame.

It was dying and being born at the same time, just like all the cycles of mother earth. I was led into my heaven and I could sense my name as well as see and comprehend. My heaven is endless space filled with lots of bright colours, it is overflowing with the feeling that at any moment everything is there and all this flows through my body over these bright colours.

In my heaven there are forests with deer and great joy and laughter fill this space. In me is the awareness of having my heaven on earth and from now onwards everything is possible. Heave is everywhere, the whole world is this heaven because it is in me, this feeling of heaven. At this point I would like to express a big thank you very much to the great shaman who has led me so wonderfully through this ritual.

Sedna is a well formed, female being, her shape like a mug that can fill up and be empty at the same time. She is smoothness in motion and she moves and meanders like a snake and is straight up in her greatness.

The frequency of the name is high to that extend that it can hardly be expressed into words. My cells dance, they are like small glass flakes that change and enlarge and they vibrate my desires and love to dance and I want and have to dance

The Goddes Sedna

Goddess of the sea, Lady of all animals of the sea and oceans, mother of storms.
The Inuit, the original inhabitants of Alaska know Sedna as the great old one of the seas, the queen of depths and storms and the mother of all sea creatures. She is the Lady over life and death as well as both the creator and the taker of cruel revenge. Sedna once was a beautiful woman, unsatisfied with any of the many admirers that came for her hand. As a seagull campaigned and promised her a richly laid table with many servants, she went with him to live with the bird people. But instead of the promised wealth, she was forced to live in dirt and misery. When her father came to visit her, she implored him to bring her back home over the sea. As the bird people persecuted them on their way home, the father wanted to save his own life and pushed Sedna overboard. She tried to climb back into the boat, but her father cut off her fingers. And so Sedna´s cut off fingers turned into fish and sea mammals.

Meaning of the story

The power of hurt goddesses and women.
Whoever wants to meat Sedna, has to overcome difficult examinations and show courage and bravery.
Sedna has embodiment of all the women that been misled, betrayed, sacrificed and hurt by lovers, fathers and men in general. In their deepest feelings – in the deepest oceans – and having no possibility to act – symbolized by the cut off fingers.
Yet powerful women, that decide over life and death, that set up rules, that transform humiliations and insults, that decide who is allowed to approach and who is not.

The planet sedna

Sedna is the Planet, that guards the ascending DNA Codes of the new Aquarius age in its interior. This energy is new to the earth as return of the ancient knowledge and it is connected to the fire of the Divine Mother.
Sedna was newly discovered on the 14.11.2003 at GMT at the Palomar Observatory in Ca. USA, five days after the total lunar eclipse and nine days befor the total solar eclipse.

Whenever a new planet is discovered. its contents pushes from the collective unconsciousness into the consciousness. Here it concerns all the abuse issues in relationships of all kinds, which are resurfacing more and more into the daylight.

To accept his soul name is a process where the aim is to be ready to fulfill his or her tasks and to be ready to embody the one that one is. It is a vibration that can be felt in the interior as well as the exterior and it is not really important if I call myself Sedna or not, because after so many intensive processes, Sedna is who I am through and trough.

I continue to call myself Christine for as her I am here now, just like Mara my name of origin- the earthhealer, is part of me, so is Mirna, the queen of crystals I was in Atlantis and Raven in Avalon. It all adds to a whole, everything has its place and no parts is more important or greater than the other, the most imprtant thing is that I am what I am.



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