Christine Höllrigl

A course in channeling

Being a channel means having a clear and unperturbed connection to the spirit world and the universe. If one has until now worked energetically and spiritually, becoming a channel will add to clarity, order and purposefulness. There are several different channels or channel capacities, per example a communication channel, a color and energy channel or an integration channel. An integration channel indicates that there is more than one capability available, for instance clairvoyance combined with communication or communication as well as energy channel. Many people have already participated in a course in channeling and are surprised or annoyed that they cannot channel communications, which will not be the case with an energy channel. Therefore it is important to know what kind of channel one is, so that one can with ease and without pressure express one’s own abilities. Being a channel also means to take and carry responsibility for one self, the channel itself and for what comes through the channel. As a rule channeling, no matter what kind, should always feel good. This means that it is a wonderful and loving feeling to have a light being present in one’s channel, one feels energized and you will not tire, and the spirit world is always loving and patient with us and will in all circumstances respect our own free will. In other words statements such as: “you have to” or “you may not” are nonexistent. The spirit world never spreads fear! Should one experience fear or receive fearful statements during a channeling, one can be sure not to be in contact with beings of light! The spirit world is very understanding and thus one is being given an over sighted view of things in order to understand interrelations in the broadest sense possible.

By being a channel, we will also increasingly be confronted with our own personal themes, which is necessary in order to go our way into freedom.

Some people believe that by being a channel, one has no more worries and fears, but thank Goddess that is not the case. I went as well through several deep depths so that I could become the one that I am today. It is of great importance, especially when working with people, that we understand truly gathered a lot of experience in life. We are not healers, we are no helpers, we can only make a difference if at this moment we happen to be the right person for the people who come to us and if these people are really willing to let help happen. We should also learn to let people move on if we were not meant to be the ones to help them.

To be a channel is a path of devotion, to surrender oneself to that which flows through our channel without any thoughts of our own and in full confidence. It is collaboration between you and the spirit world, which means you get to know these beings and them you. Sometimes it needs fixing appointments, for example not working at night during sleep or that one needs clearing wording. From my own personal experience I can say that it’s wonderful to be in communication with the spirit world and yet this does not always make being human easier though the reason for our being here is to learn, to live and experience.


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